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Having good eyesight is a quality that most people want to have until their old age because without it, life can be very difficult. Ordinary activities can become a challenge without good vision.

The ability to see clearly also called as visual acuity depends on the retinal focus of the eye but there are other factors which also affects visual acuity such as color, contrast of the object and the background and brightness of the environment. Optometrists have come up with a standard of what a normal vision is. This standard is better known as 20/20 vision which means that a person can see what a normal human being can see in the Snellen chart (eye chart) from 20 feet. The numerator in the term 20/20 vision represents the distance of the person with the chart while the denominator refers to what the person can actually see. For example if a persons vision is 20/30, it means that the person is standing 20 feet away from the chart but the person can see objects that a normal person can see at 30 feet.

The development of the 20/20 vision started in 1843 when a German dissertation campaigned for the need for eye doctors to come up with a consistent vision tests and eye charts. In 1862, Hermann Snellen published what is now known as the Snellen chart which is now being used when measuring vision. Over the years many eye doctors came up with their own charts such as the Golovin-Sivtsev Table and the Lea chart. The International Council of Ophthalmology came up with a Visual Acuity Measurement Standard in 1984 which is now being followed worldwide.

Not all people are aware of the meaning of the 20/20 vision. Indianapolis eye doctors, are willing to share their knowledge in order to educate the people about this topic. Numerous eye clinics offer services to correct the eyesight in order to have a 20/20 vision.

Correcting bad eyesight involves several tests to identify the main cause of the vision problem and finding the right treatment. Optometrists in Indianapolis offer services such as laser surgery or Lasik and finding the right glasses and contact lens for the patients. However, there are some instances where it is better to leave the eyesight as it is because correcting it might cause more damage.

People who need the service of an optometrist Indianapolis, IN are assured that when they visit eye clinics in this city, eye doctors will do their best to assess their situation properly and to recommend the best course of treatment.
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20/20 Vision

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This article was published on 2010/10/18