3 Types Of Prescription Lenses

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Correcting vision is simple by using eyeglasses (we Danes call them briller). People with eye problems can easily get the perfect lens choice for their vision problems as more stores offer them in the market. However, the main question is how they can find the right prescription lenses (or brilleglas in Danish) for their specific needs.


Vision problems can ruin your daily activities so it is crucial to get prescription glasses immediately. Apart from just focusing on the frames, you must also know your options when it comes to lenses. Various lens materials available in the market today like conventional plastic, high index plastic and polycarbonate options. Each of these materials has its benefits offered for users.


Conventional plastic

Eyeglasses with this lens type are available at cheap prices and offered by many stores, making it a top seller among consumers today. In addition to the price, many people like this lens type because of its lightweight feature. Several users feel uncomfortable wearing eyeglasses so they want to lighten this weight on their faces by getting plastic lens. Saving money on this lens allows you to buy more expensive frame design made from materials that meet your fashion taste.


High index plastic

Some people need higher prescriptions like those dealing with myopia. They require special lens to match their prescription. High index is the commonly used lens for those with myopia and can help them see better.



polycarbonate is deemed more durable because of its shatterproof properties. Numerous buyers use this type of lens due to their line of work. Examples of glasses that have this lens are safety glasses and goggles for sports. Polycarbonate lens is also recommended for kids who need to wear prescription glasses. As mentioned earlier, this lens is shatterproof so it will be safe for kids who are in their active years. Just imagine the problem caused by their eyes pierced by broken lens pieces due to playing.


However, this shatterproof feature causes this lens type to have expensive prices. It is a good investment but it is recommended to check stores before you purchase to get the best value.


Finding the right lenses in the market

Now that you know your options in getting the fine lens for your eyeglasses, the next thing you must know is how to find these options in the market. Optical shops have all these choices that meet their clients’ requirement. But there are instances when these lenses are not available in a store due to lack of stock. Some small stores still need to have the lens customize from their suppliers in order to match customers’ prescriptions.


Price and quality are important in shopping for lens. Don’t focus on price alone as it may not meet your prescription requirements and even result to more expenses.


Prescription lenses come in different types and they match different vision problems. Shop around to find the best optical stores where you can get your eyeglasses. Remember to consult your ophthalmologist to make sure you’ll get the right prescription for your vision problems and fit your set budget for corrective glasses.

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3 Types Of Prescription Lenses

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This article was published on 2012/04/19