A Hope For Macular Degeneration In Arizona: Low Vision Specialists

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Aging normally refers to a multidimensional process of physical change. As we age, functions of organs in our body degenerate. For eyes, macular degeneration should be one of the signs of ageing. As the central portion of the retina, or say the macula gets thinner, one would experience blurred vision and even a loss of vision. Macular degeneration is a complex eye condition, which can hardly be cured completely. However, recent researches show that Low Vision Specialists are able to maximize one's remaining vision. That is to say, with the help of Low Vision Specialists, a patient of Macular generation can remain his/her remaining vision without any deterioration, so that he/she could embark on daily activities in life.

In Arizona, a low vision specialist will firstly give the patients a complete vision exam of the external and internal parts of the eye and find out what vision goals they have. Then the specialist will offer them several options them could choose from to improve or remain their vision. In normal circumstances, if one is in the early stage of Macular degeneration, the low vision specialist will give him/her some suggestions concerning dietary changes to help slow the progression of the condition. Usually, food containing lutein, zinc, vitamins A, C and E are useful in slowing the deterioration of such a condition. Supplements concerned are also advisable. Besides, some low vision aids would also serve as a help. Different types of magnifiers, either the hand-held magnifiers or glasses-shaped ones, are recommended. In addition, telescopes and bioptic glasses are also useful in assisting Macular generation patients to view objects clearly.

Due to the fact that macular degeneration is a damage to central vision, while the peripheral vision remains unharmed, some patients find it unnecessary to find any aids for viewing. However, the fact is that as long as you would participate in some activities in need of good eye sight, for example driving, a pair of bioptic glasses or some other vision assistants similar are needed.

Experienced Arizona Low vision specialists can diagnose and treat macular degeneration, and can offer the best counsel on the types of vision aids that will help you meet your vision goals. Moreover, Arizona Low vision specialists will work with you to come up with a treatment plan designed to fit your unique needs and help to preserve your current eyesight. Therefore, for macular degeneration treatment, go for a low vision specialist in Arizona.

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A Hope For Macular Degeneration In Arizona: Low Vision Specialists

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This article was published on 2010/12/02