Be Careful about the Spinal Abnormality of Kids

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Many parents do not how to keep kids' eye health, though they know it is needed and essential. Here are some details about how to protect kids' eyes in a correct way.


Some surveys have revealed that a lot of kids have vision problems of certain kinds and their vision can be better enhanced if some measures are taken. It proves that kids who often read or do something at hand-close distance in improper posture will suffer from vision problems of certain kinds. And their vision can be enhanced if they are required to keep proper distance from their books in proper posture.


These studies have proved one point that kids' vision can be affected by the way how they sit. In other words, the way of sitting influence eye sight- kids who often sit in imbalanced posture tend to have much worse vision.


Other investigations have also supported this theory. It is also found that about four in five kids tend to place their necks in improper position while reading. And the result is most of them having suffered vision problems of certain kinds.


Why kids in the above cases run much higher risk of getting certain vision problems? This is because neck subluxation will affect nerve system in those situations. This can also well explain why so many kids are subluxated.


To some extent, subluxation is the result of pressure and stress. Some physical pressure and stress can lead to subluxation; chemical stress can also lead to this situation. It is found that some chemicals will lead to serious problems of certain kinds. Or some psychological factors can also lead to subluxation. If kids are too stressed psychologically, they may suffer from vision problems, too.  And it is also found that the influence of subluxation to vision is indirect, via nerve systems.


Therefore, any spinal abnormality can lead to subluxation and vision problems of certain kinds. And for better adjustment, earlier spinal exams are essential.


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Be Careful about the Spinal Abnormality of Kids

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This article was published on 2010/10/29