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Personal vision workbook

Your personal vision workbook helps to propel you from your current situation to one that you have a powerful reason to achieve. Desire is not enough. Les Brown says we are all in a storm, heading towards one or just leaving one. Your powerful reasons for achieving a personal vision will become your rod and staff to guide you.

Napoleon Hill said, "What the mind can conceive you can achieve". Winners do not win all the time, but they maintain a winning attitude.

The main criteria for becoming successful is not

Educational attainment






It is self-motivation (mixture of belief, confidence, positive expectations and creativity - a seeming abundance of physical, mental and emotional energy- that naturally propels us to our goals.

So what creates self-motivation? The answer is your personal vision written in a workbook.

What is a personal vision workbook?

A vision is an image of what you intend to aspire to or reflection of how you feel about ourselves. It is more effective if the vision is committed to paper in for example a personal vision workbook. The personal vision workbook is more successful if it uses visual images and text to explain the powerful reasons for achieving the visualization. Images might represent lifestyle, wealth, achievement, status or health.

To make the vision more powerful, feel the sensations associated. If it is holiday feel the excitement of preparing to go on holiday shopping for clothes and then traveling to your destination maybe first class. Think of the destination, what is weather like? What activities would you enjoy doing? Who are you sharing the holiday with? The more senses used to visualize the vision the stronger the emotional connection and drive to fulfil. The vision should be like when you first fall in love. The object of your desire is permanently imprinted in your head, and you struggle to think of anything else.

My daughter was focusing more on the pain of studying and not the prize. Her grades did not reflect her ability. I asked her to tell me what she really wanted, she said an iPod. I asked her to get a picture of the exact module and put the image on her bedroom door. I then asked her to think of the iPod as her reward if she achieved the target grades. It is important to note the target grades had never been previously achieved in the 3 subjects she was studying. However, the extra incentive and clear vision of what she wanted to achieve resulted in her target grades of 3 C's being exceeded and actually obtained 3 B's. I was very happy to buy her the iPod as a reward.

So get your personal vision dream book and fill it with images of things you really want, review the images daily and you will be inspired to take the necessary action to achieve them.

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Live Your Dream Now - Get a Personal Vision Workbook

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This article was published on 2010/05/23