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Are you familiar with vision boards? You know, something where you can visualize your goals, dreams and visions and boost your motivation whenever you look at it! Do you have a vision board yourself?

A vision board is a very personal thing. Different style, size, pictures, text, colour... The important thing is to make your own! You do it yourself for yourself, and noone else can tell you what is wrong or right. You are the teacher and student, and also the judge of the result. If it appeals to you it is good!

I have tried different ways to make my own board. My first attempt was some years ago and I used a huge sheet of thick paper and glued pictures to it, and wrote text with a permanent marker pen. I have also done MS word documents with pictures and text to print out on an ordinary printer. Currently I use MS Powerpoint and have produced an eight page "board" with focus on the coming one to two years. Use whatever technique or tool you prefer. Use tools you are familiar with and enjoy using, so the tool becomes a help, not an obstacle. Have fun!

Decide if you want to show it to friends and family, for example by hanging it on a wall or on your refrigerator door. Many people find it a very good source of inspiration to place their board where they see it daily. But if you feel uncomfortable with that you can of course keep it private. Just make sure you actually look at it now and then. Within yourself you shall feel excited about what's on your vision board, regardless if you select to show it openly or not.

It is very rewarding to work with your vision board! Make sure you can be undisturbed for a while. Play with it! Try different goals and how to express them. What "feels" right deep down inside? This is a very good opportunity to learn more about yourself. While working with the vision board you may find that your vision changes! That is one very important side-effect: thinking about your vision and goals, working with them, expressing them in different ways... Give you knowledge about yourself. What really drives you? What makes you on fire with excitement? What is a strong enough "WHY" for you?

Some people say "aim for the stars and you may reach the tree-tops". I personally prefer to have tough but realistic goals. That way I can really visualize myself having reached there, feel the joy and satisfaction of having accomplished what I desired.

Remember that looking at your vision board shall give you very positive vibrations and be a daily inspiration for you, encourage you to keep moving forward towards your vision. If it is fun to create the vision board it is a good chance you are on the right track.

Have fun and Good Luck!

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Make Yourself a Vision Board

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This article was published on 2010/03/30