Multiple Sclerosis And Vision

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Individuals that suffer from multiple sclerosis often suffer from vision complications. Most patients that are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis are expected to expertise a vision connected complication at some purpose in their life. Many doctors agree that one in all the primary symptoms that occur when multiple sclerosis develops could be a problem with the vision.

Most vision issues are thought-about to be solely temporary. There are a number of totally different varieties of treatments that have been found to be effective in permitting a sufferer to experience relief. Throughout this medical guide, you'll be introduced to a number of the foremost commonly experienced eye problems that occur along with multiple sclerosis.

Double Vision
Double vision is, by far, the foremost common symptom experienced by multiple sclerosis patients with vision problems. This can be cited by medical professionals as diplopia. When an individual experiences this eye problem, they can see 2 objects instead of the one that individuals normally see.

This results from a weakness that originates within the muscles that works to manage the eyes. Consequently, the physiological coordination that sometimes happens between the eyes is lost. Many patients merely wear an eye patch that permits them the power to concentrate on the objects in the field of vision. There are various that will use corticosteroids that are prescribed by a medical doctor.

Optic Neuritis
Optic neuritis is another vision problem that is typically discovered in multiple sclerosis patients. This occurs when the optic nerve becomes inflamed. This nerve is directly responsible for transmitting light and the photographs that we tend to see to the brain and is the main nerve that's responsible for vision as a whole.

It's been estimated that approximately 55% of all the people that are diagnosed can expertise this eye complication at least once throughout the course of the disease. In most cases, only one eye will expertise this inflammation at a time. Symptoms of optic neuritis embody vision that's blurry, a temporary loss of vision in one eye, and even a graying in the sphere of vision.

Temporary Blindness
When a personal experiences a flare up with the multiple sclerosis that they suffer from, they could expertise temporary blindness. This might occur when new symptoms of the disease develop, or the condition is getting worse. In most instances, the person who suffers from this condition will have optic neuritis.

The inflammation caused by the optic neuritis is that the condition that ultimately leads to the loss of vision that is experienced. Most cases last at least in the future, however many will experience this for many days or weeks at a time. If you suffer from multiple sclerosis, you'll be able to expect to expertise some type of vision drawback throughout the course of the disease. Be bound to consult with your doctor if you expertise any eye problems.
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Multiple Sclerosis And Vision

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  • comment_image

    Lee Majors- 2010/12/04 04:23:45 am

    I had 2 attacks of optic neuritis , the first total blindness and the second was partial. The first attack was 10 years ago and second 8 years ago...theses attacks left me with a permanent blotch in my vision.. I had CCSVI treatment ( angioplasty) this past August and have regained 20% in damaged eye..also a neurological pupil flare that I had is now gone. If you want to learn more about CCSVI , the best site for information is

  • comment_image

    Crixia Zinnia- 2010/12/04 01:22:12 am

    I had the CCSVI procedure to unblock the interior jugular neck veins and have not been able to wear the same glasses I wore before the procedure. Blood flow and oxygen can help with the vision in MS people.

This article was published on 2010/12/03