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It came to me recently that doing a renovation on a house is a good example of how to create a vision in life.

Over the past few weeks we have been talking to an architect and all discussing ideas as to what we want to do and during these discussions nothing really made sense.

Going into this house, that to say the least, is very run down, really tested our spirit and with no actual idea as to what we were going to do it all seemed to be getting too hard.

Then suddenly everything on the design front fell into place and our attitude changed, we could now live and feel exactly what we were going to achieve when we had finished.

As we enter the house now, we do not see the house as it is, we see it as it will be.

Having this vision and the absolute certainty that we will achieve what we see, has made our feelings warm and fuzzy as opposed to the feelings of trepidation that we had previously.

Can you see the similarity here of creating your vision or goal?

All the time that we did not have a plan we felt unsettled and also a bit rattled as to what we were going to do, exactly as we do when we are trying to decide what we want to achieve.

As soon as we had a clear picture of our plans everything changed and things started to immediately fall into place.

Try and relate to this when you are trying to create your vision, until you know exactly what you want and can actually picture it and start to feel it, you will have doubts, but as soon as you have clarity everything changes and it all unfolds in front of you.

Can you see that although we knew we were going to renovate, until we had the picture of the finished house it still seemed too hard. That is where we go wrong in creating our visions, we know what we want but we have not created the finished picture, this is so important.

Another thing is that we have no idea what we are going to encounter, but we are totally relaxed that we will handle every situation as it arises, the same as you must do once you have created your vision.

If you do not get clarity and also get put off by what you might encounter, you can join the majority of people who will tell you that life is hard and you have to take what it dishes out.

The funny thing is that life will only give you what you ask for and if you ask for turmoil and grief, that is exactly what you will get.

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Renovate Your Vision

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This article was published on 2010/04/02