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At some stage in our lives we all are going to suffer from reduced eye sight in some form or the other.  Now according to Vision Without Glasses this decay in eyesight need not happen as it is claimed it's all due to bad habits.  Nowadays the cheapest and obvious way to restore bad vision is to wear prescription glasses but it's claimed by Vision Without glasses that wearing glasses can actually lead to a further reduction in eyesight over a period of time.  This claim in turn is based on research done many years ago by Dr. W.H. Bates.


The other alternative to restore bad vision is off course to have eye surgery.  This also according to Vision Without Glasses have long lasting negative effects apart from being very expensive and sometimes very painful. Known side effects include seeing Halos around lights at night, deteriorating vision after an operation, constant eye infections and even permanent loss of vision.  This system then claims to provide a much cheaper and natural alternative to restore eyesight naturally and further more reverse conditions such as Myopia (near sightedness), Hyperopia (far sightedness) and Presbyopia (old age sight).


The system claims by using a 15-minute-a-day program eyesight can be vastly improved in as little as one to three months.  It further claims to teach the proper way to use glasses and contacts without halting progress towards improving bad vision naturally to ultimately not wearing glasses.  According to Vision Without Glasses there is a vast difference between strained and stresses eyesight which doctors at times misdiagnose. The system claims to teach how both these conditions can be treated at home and further shows how in a mere sixty seconds relief from headaches and eye strain can be achieved.


Duke Peterson is the author of Vision Without Glasses.  He has worked in the ophthalmology business for many years and now helps people restore their eyesight naturally.  This came about after he discovered the work of Dr. W.H. Bates who back in 1920 already wrote of the bad effects wearing glasses has on a person. These original concepts of improving vision by Dr. Bates was further developed and refined which ultimately led to the Vision Without Glasses system.  It is by no way claimed that optometrists are deliberately ignoring natural remedies but circumstances has forced Duke to explore alternative methods to restore bad vision.  This product includes several bonuses including Dr. Bates's original report as well as e-mail support.   


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Restore Vision Without Glasses

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This article was published on 2011/09/18